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What we do

At Enotion, we have a passion for connecting people who are willing to share their opinions with researchers who value those opinions. This way, we give our respondents the confidence that their opinions matter, and at the same time help businesses gain valuable insights and better serve their customers.

Our goal is to make online quantitative sampling quicker, easier and more affordable while keeping the quality high. We are able to do so by employing the best industry practices when it comes to respondent recruitment, sampling and field management.

Our sample

We can reach a variety of consumer and business audiences in 10 countries, including teenagers, mothers, gamers, decision makers and many others.

We take data quality very seriously, and go the extra mile to ensure our sampling methodology is rock solid when it comes to the validity and consistency of the data.

If you would like to know more about our sample, please send us a quick email. We will be happy to discuss all the questions you may have, and send you additional materials such as our Panel book and answers to ESOMAR’s 28 questions.

Need a hand with a study? Just send us its specifications using the contact form below, and we will quickly get back to you and let you know what we can do to help.

Targeting & pre-screening

We profile our respondents using the attributes below. Additionally, we can apply real-time pre-screening. We already have a database of hundreds of pre-screening questions, but we can quickly create new ones if necessary.

• Basic attributes: Age, Gender, Ethnicity, Education
• Household: Household income, Primary grocery shopper, Own/rent home, Marital status, Age/gender of children, Language spoken at home, Pets
• Employment: Employment status, Industry, Company size, Department, Job title
• Miscellaneous: Car ownership, Type/brand/year of car, Computers/mobile devices owned, Gaming consoles owned, Mobile phone provider, Medical conditions

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